4 Common Problems With Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Most vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brake systems these days. This prevents the brakes from locking and the automobile from skidding out of control. Although this system is fairly straightforward, it can run into trouble from time to time. Automotive Specialists, Inc. services anti-lock brake systems and we run into these common problems that aren’t too difficult to fix. Here are four things that can go wrong with an ABS.

Malfunctioning Light

You have an “ABS” light on your car, truck, or SUV’s dashboard if you have an anti-lock brake system. This light turns on when you first start your vehicle because the main computer is checking all systems, including the anti-lock brake system. The light should turn off fairly quickly, as the system will return that everything is a-okay. In some cases, however, the light stays on, whether there’s a problem with the sensor or a problem with the ABS. It can also come on if there’s an electrical short in your vehicle.

Sensor Malfunction

If the sensors are malfunctioning, your ABS warning light will come on and stay on. The ABS sensors are located on your brakes, so they can get quite dirty. If they do, they may not send the proper signals to the onboard computer and the computer will turn on the dashboard warning light. It could be that nothing is wrong at all – a simple cleaning will fix the problem. It’s best, however, to bring your vehicle for a brake inspection just in case the sensors are returning data that indicates a real problem.

Electrical Wiring

Your ABS system has a complex set of wires that control the system. If something goes wrong with any of them, i.e. they get damaged, disconnected, or become exposed, the system will malfunction. This can affect brake function, so you’ll want to have this issue corrected right away. Don’t take chances with your anti-lock brakes. We can check the wiring and repair or replace whatever is necessary.

Anti-Lock Brake System Controller

Finally, the ABS controller monitors your vehicle’s wheels. This is so it can set the anti-lock mechanism when you need it. It can tell how fast your wheels are going and if it malfunctions, your anti-lock brake system will fail. This could place you and your passengers into a dangerous situation, so have the controller replaced immediately to regain anti-lock brake system function on your car, truck, or SUV.

At Automotive Specialists, Inc., we service and repair all braking system including ABS. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection or call us today.

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