4 Reasons Why You Should Rebuild Your Commercial Truck’s Engine

A commercial truck fleet can be stressful to maintain, especially as the fleet ages. Once a commercial truck’s engine gets to the point of rebuilding it or buying a new vehicle, which is the right choice to make? We here at Automotive Specialists, Inc., would like to list four reasons why a rebuild might be the right choice for your business. It boils down to several factors, all of which must be taken into account, and this can also apply to independent drivers looking to purchase a rebuilt commercial truck.

Rebuilding Costs Less

When it comes to commercial vehicles, rebuilding usually costs less. The investment you make in an engine rebuild is only for the parts that need to be replaced. Unless the engine is a total loss, you won’t be replacing all of the parts. Engine overhauls can cost much less than purchasing a new commercial vehicle in nearly all cases. This saves you money and allows you to keep a familiar vehicle in service.

The Engine Is Already Compatible

A rebuild also serves you better than an engine replacement if that’s the direction in which you were headed. New engines can be incompatible with the older vehicles in which they are placed, and this spells a huge headache for you and your fleet. Rebuilding the engine, i.e. only replacing the parts that have worn down, prevents the compatibility issues associated with dropping a new engine in the truck.

Older Engines Are Easier to Maintain

If you collect classic cars, you know you can spend your weekend under the hood replacing whatever needs fixing. Newer engines are a confusing mess of electrical parts. This is not only harder to maintain and repair, but it’s also more expensive. If you have a fleet of older vehicles that are still reliable, why replace the engines with new ones that are expensive to maintain? Rebuild instead to keep costs down.

Increases Engine Life

Finally, maintaining and rebuilding older commercial engines increases their life spans, which means you get more bang for your buck in the end. The longer your fleet vehicles stay in service the more return you get on your investment. Once they begin to cost you more than your investment, then it’s time to consider retiring them. Rebuilding the engines can stave their retirement much longer.

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Photo by Baloncici from Getty Images via Canva Pro