Avoid Rear-End Collisions By Avoiding These 5 Things

You don’t want to be in a rear-end collision, especially since you’ll be found at fault nearly 100 percent of the time. There are ways to avoid rear-end collisions and much of it boils down to common sense. If you drive defensively and alertly, you can skip this automobile accident. Your vehicle and insurance company will love you for it. Watch out for these five things when you’re on the road.


Traffic is a primary cause of rear-end collisions because drivers are stopping and going constantly. Because you are so close to the car in front of you in a traffic jam, you stand a better chance of tapping that vehicle’s bumper. Even when only going 5 or 10 miles-per-hour, you need to keep a safe distance. You never know when the person in front of you may slam on his or her brakes.


The reason why traffic jams cause rear-end collisions is that drivers get distracted. They think they can check their cell phones or rummage through their purses because everyone is moving slowly or stopped. Before they know it, they’ve hit the person in front of them. Distractions also cause rear-end collisions at higher speeds. Always stay alert when driving and turn off things that distract you such as your phone.


Speeding is also a common cause of rear-end collisions because, well, you’re going too fast to stop in time. Speeding and other forms of reckless driving cause accidents. Period. You can’t drive like a maniac without putting yourself and other drivers in danger. Leave in plenty of time and drive cautiously.


Here’s a shocking fact for you: Driving when you’re exhausted is just like driving when you’re intoxicated. Your reflexes are compromised when you’re tired just as if you’d been out with your friends at the local bar. If you nod off at the wheel or are just in a haze, it’s easy to hit the car in front of you.


Finally, if your brakes fail or your tire blows out, you could hit the person in front of you. If you’re going too fast, the accident could be serious. Mechanical problems can also cause accidents. You could hit someone or be hit yourself if you’re stalled in the middle of the road. Neither scenario is good.

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Photo by ptnimages from Canva Pro