Check Your Tire Tread Before it Gets Too Hot

We don’t get as hot here in Westminster as they do in the Southwest, but we can still feel temperatures in the high 80s. The hotter it is outside the hotter the road surfaces get. If your tires are old and balding, this could spell trouble for you. Bald tires are more likely to succumb to the heat and are damaged much easier by it. Now is the time for a new set of tires if you need them. Automotive Specialists, Inc. suggests you measure your tread depth with a penny. Yep! A penny!

The Abraham Lincoln Tire Test

You can conduct a George Washington tire test, too, if you’d like a bigger coin that is easier to read. Take your penny or quarter and use it to measure your tire tread depth. You can go to the auto parts store and buy a tread depth measure stick, but why spend the money when you can use your own money? This simple home test has been used for years to help drivers know when it’s time to purchase a new set of tires. The steps for the test are as follows:

  • Make sure you have plenty of light
  • Pull out and park in the sun or grab a flashlight if necessary
  • Take your coin and turn it head side toward you
  • Position the coin so the top of the head is facing the tire
  • Insert the coin in between the tire tread rows on all tires
  • Do this in several places along each tire
  • You need new tires if you can see all of the president’s head
  • You’re okay if the tread covers the president’s head

The test really is that simple but you aren’t done after the tread test, even if your tires passed the test and you don’t need a new set right now.

Inspect the Tires

Tread loss isn’t the only sign you need new tires. Inspect your tires thoroughly to look for strange things such as uneven tread wear, bubbling, cracks, or other tire damage. You might have a nail in your tire and not know it because you have a very slow leak. If you see anything that looks unusual, such as scalloped tread wear, it’s a good idea to have your wheels inspected. The problem could lie in your tires or your balance or alignment.

Automotive Specialists, Inc. in Westminster, CO, would be happy to inspect your tires. Call us today at 303-848-2901 to set up an appointment.

Photo by Michael Rolands from Getty Images via Canva Pro