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Custom Fabrication

Rather than trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, have a custom toolbox fabricated onto your work truck that holds your tools perfectly. Rather than off-road until sunset and then get frustrated that the day is over, have a custom light bar fabricated onto your off-road vehicle. Automotive Specialists is proud to offer custom fabrication for tool boxes and more.

custom fabrication for tool boxes

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Workmen and off-road junkies don’t need to compromise, nor should you. Automotive Specialists, Inc., can retrofit a toolbox or light bar to your vehicle so you have exactly what you need.

Why Fabricate?

There are many advantages to fabrication. The top perk is customization. Many construction workers have tools that are sized outside of the scope of standard toolboxes, leaving the tools in the bed where they can be damaged.

Organization is also a huge benefit of fabricated toolboxes. You can have the box built to your exact specifications, i.e. needs, which means everything will be in its perfectly-fitted place and easily accessible when you need it. This saves you time rummaging through your tools to find the one you’re looking for, and time is precious on construction sites.

For off-road vehicles, the more experienced the driver gets the greater challenge he or she craves. Off-road driving at night presents the added challenge of driving in the dark. You can’t go blind or rely on your headlights solely, however, as this is too dangerous. Don’t end your off-road weekend tragically. Rather, have a light bar fabricated to your off-road vehicle so it fits perfectly, remains secure no matter how rough the terrain, and gives you the added visibility you need to enjoy off-road driving all day and well into the night. You’ll love how the dark challenges your skills.

We Do Custom Fabrication for Both

Automotive Specialists, Inc., provides custom fabrication for tool boxes and light bars for all types of vehicles. We’ll sit down with you to discuss precisely what you need and then design and build a toolbox or light bar that meets those needs. We are flexible and we’ll work with you to find a cost-effective solution to your storage or lighting needs. Perhaps your construction vehicle could use custom lighting, too, or you’d like better storage in your off-road vehicle. We’ll make sure we build exactly what you want, including accent lighting if that’s what you’re looking for on your trailer, for example.

Stop by Automotive Specialists, Inc., in Westminster, CO, and tell us what the custom fabrication of your dreams is so we can figure out a way to build it. You can call us at 303-848-2901 for more information.

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