Five Signs You Need a New Transmission

Transmission trouble can go from bad to worse quickly, which is why we here at Automotive Specialists, Inc., maintain both automatic and manual transmissions. Preventative maintenance helps us find those minor problems before they become transmission nightmares. Perhaps your vehicle’s transmission has been giving you trouble lately. If so, here are five signs that you might need a new transmission.

1. Dashboard Warning

Your automobile’s transmission does not have its own dashboard warning light, so the engine control unit will turn on the check engine light if the transmission is having problems. This, unfortunately, can make things confusing because you don’t know the exact reason why the light came on. We can run a diagnostic check to determine the problem and consider other transmission signs.

2. Noisy Transmission

You may not hear the noises coming from a faulty transmission at first. They can start subtly and then get louder as the problem worsens. If you hear the slightest banging, grinding, rumbling, squealing, or whistling from your transmission, stop by our shop right away. You might also hear clunking when you put your car in gear; this could be a problem with the transmission or one of the vehicle’s axles.

3. Shifting Trouble

Shifting problems can be silent, or any of the noises discussed above may accompany them. Problems with shifting that indicate a serious transmission problem include refusing to go into gear, slipping out of gear while in gear, refusing to upshift or downshift when necessary, and jolting or shaking when you put your car into gear or when it shifts gears. Gear shifts should be smooth and effortless.

4. Leaking Transmission Fluid

You’ll find transmission fluid leads on your garage floor more toward the center of your automobile than toward the front of it. Transmission fluid is red and transparent if it’s in good shape. Older and oxidized transmission fluid is dark brown or black, and you cannot see through it. This fluid should be changed immediately. Transmissions can leak from the pan, pan gasket, seals, and transmission hoses.

5. Pink Transmission Fluid

Finally, if the fluid leaking onto your garage floor is pink, you’ve got catastrophic transmission problems. To keep the transmission cool, the radiator pushes the engine coolant through the transmission. If there is a breach in the transmission, the coolant will mix with transmission oil and turn it pink. The breach itself is a major problem, and the damage caused by the diluted transmission fluid will only make things worse.

We can help with your vehicle’s transmission. We are Automotive Specialists, Inc., and you’ll find our auto service shop in Westminster, CO.

Photo be xeifei from Getty Images via Canva Pro