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Hi-Rail Repair

45 plus years combined experience repairing and maintaining Hi-Rail Guide Wheel Systems.

  • We are Certified to Complete the FRA Annual Inspection for Hi-Rail Vehicles
  • Specialization in Harsco, DMF, Aries and Rathna Hi-Rail Systems
  • We have a section of track on site we use to test and adjust Hi-Rail gear for the proper gage, weight and alignment
  • Contact us for further information at 303-650-1348.

As the leading provider of Westminster hi-rail repair, Automotive Specialists Inc. takes pride in our work and we also save you money by providing our services at great rates.

We will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with the type of service you expect and deserve.

hi rail repair westminster

Photo by KoLouKu from Getty Images / Canva Pro

Why Automotive Specialists Inc. For Westminster Hi-Rail Repair?

  • Free estimates and a fast, premium priced service
  • Trained, ASE Certified and experienced mechanics
  • Complete Hy-Rail / Hi-Rail repair services
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Quality and Getting the Job Done Right the First Time is Our Number One Expectation

When you are looking for hi-rail service or repair in Westminster, there is nobody that can beat the service that you will find at Automotive Specialist Inc. We pride ourselves on the quality of repair and maintenance that we provide every customer and vehicle that comes to our shop. For more information or to schedule an appointment call us today at 303-650-1348.

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