Keep Your Spirits Up During Your Holiday Trucking Routes

The holidays are officially here and you still have to work. Most people don’t understand how many truck drivers do not get to spend time with their families over the holidays. The goods still need to be transported, and for many drivers, running the routes during this time means extra money. We here at Automotive Specialists, Inc., appreciate you, and we understand how hard it is to be away from your family in December. Here are some tips to keep your spirits up while you earn some extra cash trucking.

Keep in Touch More Often

You can still see your family over your holiday routes with technology. Rather than call your spouse and kids, video chat with them. Use the video chat app on your smartphone or download one so you can see and talk to your family during this festive time. Call them more often, too, so you can keep your spirits up. Video chat with them every night once you’ve stopped for dinner or for the night. Seeing them is even better than hearing their voices, and this will help boosts your spirits when you can’t be with them.

Be Festive

Dress up your rig for the holidays. Put a Rudolph nose on the front of the cab and some antlers on each side. If you can do so legally and without hurting your cargo or draining your battery, add some holiday lighting to the rig. Wear a Santa hat and ugly holiday sweaters for fun. Play holiday tunes in your cab and sing along to the carols. Drink non-alcoholic eggnog or holiday coffee flavors. Don’t be a Grinch, unless you want to be. You’ll be surprised how much getting into the spirit of the holidays will boost your spirit. 

Stay Safe

Don’t let an accident ruin your holiday runs. Stay safe and be extra cautious of holiday drivers who didn’t keep the eggnog alcohol-free. Take what you learned in trucking school further, allowing more than enough space between you and other vehicles and going extra slow when weather and road conditions demand it. Stop and rest when you need it, and make sure to get plenty of sleep each night. Get to and from your destinations safely so you can be home with the family on Christmas.

Let Automotive Specialists, Inc., in Westminster, CO, inspect your rig before your holiday runs to ensure it will be safe and reliable throughout your routes. We are automotive service experts and we work on all types of vehicles including big rigs.

Photo by steinphoto from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro