Tips to Keep Your Commercial Truck Drivers Safe

Whether you are an independent commercial truck driver yourself or you manage a fleet, it’s important to keep you or your drivers safe when out on the road. Trouble, whether it is mechanical or an automobile accident, can create distrust between you and your drivers and you and your customers. Over time, the distrust manifests into unhappy and nonproductive employees and lost customers. Automotive Specialists, Inc., would like to offer some tips to keep your commercial drivers (or you) safe.

Keep the Vehicles Maintained

We apologize if it sounds as if we’re beating preventative maintenance into your brain in some of our blog posts but we really can’t stress enough just how important this is. No matter the size of your fleet vehicles or their operations, if your drivers cannot trust them, they will quit. No driver wants to get stranded on the road or into an accident that could have been avoided with preventative maintenance. Vehicle maintenance keeps your vehicles reliable and your drivers safe.

We not only maintain fleet vehicles but also perform DOT inspections. We can inspect your fleet vehicles when they need it so you can rest assured they are safe and reliable. The more your drivers know you are invested in providing them with reliable vehicles that won’t break down the more invested they’ll become in your company. Their loyalty not only helps your business but also helps you rely on them. Happy employees will go above and beyond to please their boss.

Keeping Your Commercial Truck Drivers Safe

Happy drivers are more inclined to obey all the rules, including company rules, transportation department rules, and road rules. A bitter employee will not care if he knocks back a few beers with dinner and then hits the road again in your commercial truck. A happy employee who knows you look out for his or her best interest will look out for your best interest, and be cognizant of dangers when driving your commercial trucks, including drug and alcohol consumption, driving while too tired, and driving while distracted by his or her cell phone or other device.

This might sound like a stretch but it isn’t. Employees do not feel invested if their employer doesn’t make them feel valued. Show your drivers you value them and care about their safety by calling Automotive Specialists, Inc., at 303-848-2901. We’re located in Westminster, CO, and we’d be happy to discuss your commercial truck service and repair needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Kzenon from Canva Pro