What Could Knock Your Suspension Out Of Alignment?

Your car’s alignment is more important than you might realize. When your car is in proper alignment, there’s no question about whether you’re traveling straight ahead or not. Automotive Specialists warns that a car that is out of alignment puts stress on the entire suspension system and tires. Uneven tire wear could mean that you’re having to replace your tires far more often than you should have to, so what knocks your vehicle out of alignment in the first place?

Hitting a Bump

Bumps, even little ones, can be just enough to bounce your suspension out of alignment. This includes things like hitting one of those road reflectors at too high a speed, nailing a curb on your way around a corner, and taking a speed bump too fast. All of these things jolt your wheels, your shocks, your struts, and everything else in your car’s suspension in ways they aren’t meant to go. You can even blow out a weak tire.

Encountering a Surprise Pothole

Potholes are a special sort of bump, especially if you don’t see the pothole until it’s too late. Potholes are nasty little road hazards, and some of them can be really large and even a lot deeper than you might expect. Avoiding potholes is always the best option, but it’s not always possible. Watching your speed and paying attention to the road ahead of you as well as what other drivers are doing can help you to avoid surprise potholes.

Having a Wreck

Auto accidents are always a terrible thing, and it makes sense that a major one could do serious damage to several important areas. Even a minor accident can cause your alignment to go wonky, though. It’s always a good idea to have your mechanic take a look at your car carefully after a wreck, even if you don’t think anything happened at all. You don’t know what hidden damage resulted from the wreck, including suspension damage.


Some drivers are surprised by this, but just driving your car around can eventually knock your alignment off by a little bit. This is why it’s important that when you get your tires rotated, you make sure that they’re balanced before being put back on the car. It’s also a good idea to get the alignment checked at the same time. By keeping your car in proper alignment, you’re going to increase the life of your tires, so bring your car by Automotive Specialists, Inc., in Westminster, CO, today.